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As a woman-owned and led company based in Portland, we bring a unique perspective and approach to service in the legal and financial industries.  Elite Process Service is built around the understanding that diversity along with inclusivity makes us stronger and helps us provide the very best service to our clients.

Led by Brenda Swindling, it’s easy to understand why we are so effective.  She has been recognized nationally more than 20 years for her experience and capability which gives our team clear advantages.

Tap into the experience, resources and raw talent of Elite for all your legal document service needs nationwide.

Service of writs (which includes various forms of legal documents such as summons, complaints, subpoenas, orders to show cause, writs of execution, etc.) is a critical component of the legal process. The importance of accurate and prompt service of these documents is underscored by several reasons:

Due Process:

The principle of due process ensures that every individual has the right to be informed if they are being summoned or sued in court, or if any legal action is being taken against them. The service of writs allows the person to respond or prepare their defense adequately.


Proper service of process is required for a court to have jurisdiction over the defendant. If the service of process is incorrect or inadequate, the court cannot proceed with the case, or any judgments made may be deemed invalid.

Legal Timelines:

Many legal processes operate within specific timelines. For example, a defendant usually has a certain number of days to respond after receiving a summons. If the service is delayed, it may not provide the recipient enough time to respond, potentially leading to default judgments or other negative outcomes.

Court Efficiency:

Timely service of writs ensures that court proceedings can progress efficiently without unnecessary delays. Court schedules can be extremely tight, and delays in the service of writs can have a cascading effect on the timing of hearings, trials, and other court proceedings.


Accurate and prompt service helps maintain the fairness of the legal process by ensuring all parties are informed and have the opportunity to respond.

Further Legal Complications:

Inaccurate service of writs can lead to additional legal disputes about whether or not proper service was achieved, causing additional court proceedings and legal fees.


Preparation, E-File and Service of Process

Time is of the essence in both legal and financial matters which is why efficiency and accuracy are prioritized in every service we provide.   Our entire team works diligently to ensure each legal document is served promptly and accurately for our clients, while even accelerating the process if requested.

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